What a year it’s been! Many will be relieved to tear away the last page of the calendar to call it quits on 2020 and what better way to do it than celebrate Christmas?

This month at the 7th Bingeing with Spling watch party event, Spling is wanting to get people in the swing of all things Christmas. The main feature is Jon Favreau’s classic Christmas comedy Elf starring Will Ferrell as a human raised by elves. Shot before he rose to fame with Iron Man, Favreau that is, it’s a holly jolly movie and an annual tradition for die-hard fans.

The Christmas edition of Bingeing with Spling will kick off with a Christmas Medley from Canadian musician, Natasha Meister. This will be followed by exclusive interviews with comedy magician Charles Tertiens, who will hopefully be showing us a little Christmas magic. Then, as if it wasn’t the most fun you could have in a Santa suit… Santa Claus himself will be making an appearance to be inteviewed by Spling!

Then it’s onto the main feature Elf via Netflix or reindeer-drawn sleigh… however you watch Elf make sure you hit play at the same time as our watch party. A shared movie experience is so much more special and being accessible from just about anywhere on the planet as long as you have an internet connection, we’re hoping to see you at 5pm sharp on Sunday 20 December!

Once the kiddies are safely tucked away in bed, it’ll be time for Christmas Spirit a dark comedy short film from director Dominique Mabille. This funny movie about the dysfunctional family side of Christmas is like Little Miss Sunshine, Home Alone and The Shining all rolled into one! The short film will be followed by an interview with Dominique Mabille to close off the evening’s viewing.

You can participate by following the Live Event Tracker and itinerary on splingmovies.com. Chime in via social media by using the #BingeingWithSpling hashtag, join the official watch party group on Facebook or the WhatsApp group for live chat on the night.

Prizes, movie trivia, banter, live commentary, music performances and fun interviews, it’s a watch party turned movie night festival that’s not to be missed!

Binge with Spling this Christmas