One way to overcome writer’s block is to change your scenario, get some air and a bit of exercise to get the blood pumping and creative juices flowing. Walking checks all the boxes when it comes to stimulating your senses, filling your lungs with fresh air, absorbing more oxygen and bathing your senses in new sights and sounds. Getting out of that stuffy writing room, having a brisk walk and simply immersing yourself in the world can be the refresh you need. Give yourself the time to observe life, be inspired by beautiful views or interesting-looking people.

While it certainly helps to get out there on your own, whether you’re listening to a helpful screenwriting podcast or simply enjoying nature, it’s also an excellent opportunity to brainstorm, discuss ideas, characters and concepts. As a team, who enjoy brisk walks and hikes, it seems only natural that this new form of meeting is embraced, allowing one to maximise the time by getting some good exercise, while poring over a variety of screenplay-related discussion topics.

Consider the old African proverb: “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far go together”. While a bit clichéd, the principle is still valuable when you consider that one has a greater ability to make sense of the world and find purpose through relationship with our environment and others. Being able to have a sounding board, getting a fresh perspective and receiving help to realign your thoughts by discussing them with an industry expert, it’s a great opportunity for reflection and inspiration.

Meeting at a table has more of a uniformity to it, proffering from a more intense face-to-face style of engagement. However, walking side-by-side has its advantages, demonstrating the principle of storytelling and serving as a reminder that the writing process is a journey. It also doesn’t hurt to have a coffee in hand! Getting from point A to point B ensures that you are on the same team, allows you to speak more freely and has a much more organic rhythm than checking off itinerary meeting points.

Based in Cape Town and Los Angeles, offer script walks to help revitalise writers, inspire screenwriters, and seek to assist with the writing process, giving you and your ideas a workout. If you need a sounding board with a head for film and enjoy the great wide open, please get in touch so that we can partner with you as part of your journey.

If You Want to Go Far, Go Together
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