Calling all screenwriters, prose writers, photographers, painters, poets and filmmakers!

I’m delighted to tell you that The Three Wells Creative Space is starting to emerge. 

I am facilitating writing kickstarter spaces, helping writers start their projects or jump start old ones in Muizenberg, Cape Town. We will be using The Three Wells of Creativity to help people who feel stuck or to help others to re-energise others that have a an idea/project that is sitting in a drawer somewhere.

The groups will be bespoke, consisting of about 4-6 people per group max. 
We will give and receive support and feedback from each other regarding our creative process. The idea is to inspire each and every writer to never be stuck again!! 

One class is underway already but this second class will meet on Wednesday from 6:30 – 9:30pm (if that suits you – ideally we can order in pizza). Or, if you like we can meet during the week from 9 – 12am. 
Let me know what suits you and we can try and tailor groups around your availability.

We meet for 4 weeks in total. Enough time to get any creative ball rolling! 
Total rate is R2,000.

We will be meeting in a lovely workshop space at the rooftop of my flat surrounded by flowers and plants. There may be beach walks for inspiration. But there will also be a lot of writing.

To find out more about my method, and me (some very funny videos for sure) visit:


~ Matthew Kalil, author of The Three Wells of Screenwriting

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