We recently received a script that required a complete rewrite. The screenplay was not up to scratch when it came to the use of language, grammar and needed some extensive work from a formatting perspective. The script was essentially an outline for the picture, conveying the characters and tone of the story through its limited action and dialogue. While a major undertaking, reviewmyscript.com was up to the challenge of converting this very sparse first draft, running at under 90 pages with a number of issues, into a workable feature film script.

The screenwriter put his complete trust in our team, allowing us to advise him on the best way forward and open to our creative touch. Reporting back with each revision, the process moved much more quickly without having to dedicate time to creative workshop or script review meetings. Another plus is that the story’s building blocks were already in place and mostly required extrapolation, more characterisation, greater efficiency, cinematic clout and know-how to bring out the colours and substance of this stirring coming-of-age drama.

keeping the essence

While we effectively rewrote the script, it was contained within the original narrative structure, embroidering pre-existing characters, removing several superfluous supporting parts and creating a few minor characters where necessary. The process also entailed drawing a greater focus on the protagonist, shedding some non-essential scenes and getting the story’s bookends right.

Being the lead on this project, Spling made it his mission to protect the essence and integrity of the original story. This was the screenwriter’s story and the challenge to keep the essence became paramount. In this light, we were able to augment, enhance and rework without losing the core drive that brought it to life – keeping as many characters along for the journey. It’s tricky to let someone else look after something that’s precious to you but our client realised quite quickly that reviewmyscript.com backed the project wholeheartedly.

After demonstrating our ability with a 3 page overhaul, it wasn’t long before our client hired us to continue the process. Now onto Draft 4, the script has taken shape and is in a state where it’s ready to be shopped around. Knowing that scripts are often stripped down and rebuilt after being taken on, we also wanted to ensure we found a great balance when it came to our client’s investment and our resources. Keeping communication channels open, we worked in a series of phases… providing expected time estimates and keeping the client in the loop at every stage.

It’s always important to retain a professional stance but being a boutique screenwriting services company, reviewmyscript.com is also geared towards adding the personal touch. This means taking on a project and investing not only time, but passion and special insight. To this end, we think that this special script has been lovingly rebuilt and is ready to hit the marketplace. Having won over our client’s trust, we’re hoping that we’ll be the first script services consultancy he thinks of for the next project.

Keeping the Essence of the Original
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