Our very own Angelique Pretorius is on the cusp of launching a brand new column, Los Angelique: Tales from Tinseltown. Starting next week you can find her latest tales on angeliquepretorius.com and splingmovies.com! But first, the preamble… imagine you’re walking down Hollywood Boulevard with this voice-over.

Hollywood is a place of dreams and nightmares, which has become the figurehead for movies in pop culture. The epicentre for film-making, the City of Angels has become the place to be for budding actors and screenwriters. With thousands of hopeful talents pouring in, it’s a fiercely competitive world, tough to break into, difficult to soar and easy to fly too close to the sun. The kind of place that requires a careful balance of good luck, perfect timing and a wellspring of bubbling talent.

While generally operating with a three strike rule, just getting a chance to have a swing is half the battle won. Having tenacity, being thick-skinned and relentless is imperative to keeping your spirits high and tackling one audition after another. It took Mark Ruffalo literally hundreds of auditions to finally get his big break and perhaps it’s in this pressure cooker environment that people truly discover themselves.

This is the crazy surreal world of Los Angelique: Tales from Tinseltown. From premieres, auditions, acting workshops, self tapes, health regime and promising callbacks to the hazier side of getting by in Los Angeles, this column is dedicated to sharing the highs, lows and bizarre encounters that have come to be known as the Hollywood experience. Los Angelique is an amusing, honest and infotaining column from a South African actress discovering the two sides of Los Angeles.

Brimming with talent and drop dead gorgeous, Angelique Pretorius moved from stage to screen after training in Shakespeare and studying english literature in Cape Town. Spirited, beautiful and fearless, she’s best known for her recurring TV roles in Black Sails, Strike Back, Diamonds and High Rollers with film roles in Stilte and Winnie Mandela. Join her on this crazy, fun-filled journey as she gives you the inside scoop from someone who’s got the t-shirt and the cap!

Los Angelique: Tales from Tinseltown
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