Samuel L. Jackson is probably one of the most recognisable actors on the face of the planet. Having made a name for himself in films like Jungle Fever, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Snakes on a Plane, The Hateful Eight and The Negotiator, he has developed a cult appeal over the years with some trademark quips.

Long associated with Quentin Tarantino, the actor has taken ownership of a number of roles where you might not ordinarily expect to find him. A respected, iconic and experienced actor with a wealth of insights, knowledge and carefully calibrated intuition, he’s made a name for himself and is well-suited to taking an acting Masterclass.

Delivering his one-on-one master class, you get to see a different side of the actor who is much more relaxed and at peace in this teaching series. There’s definitely an intimidation factor when it comes to Samuel L. Jackson, a slow-boiling tension underlying his often cool exterior. As an actor he’s played many great roles, even having done well enough to have the Cannes film Festival create a separate award for him in a supporting role as Scooter in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever.

Jackson covers everything from acting etiquette, working with directors, workshopping scenes, building your own back story and knowing your place in the grand scheme of a team effort. He commands a presence and has earned his station through hard work, perseverance, talent, teamwork and simply being a nice guy.

Delivering an honest, open and insightful course into the world of acting, he leverages acting workshops and previous performances in order to help illustrate points. Using the workshop environment to coach budding actors and give them some tips on how to improve their performances. This allows the audience a much more practical approach and hands-on method in this master class.

Cool, suave and sophisticated, Jackson manages to carry this off without breaking a sweat. Maintaining the image of being cool calm and collected and always in control, he navigates the realm of acting. He offers his master class attendees rewarding insights and wonderful stories. Jackson’s easy to listen to with most of the course set against an appealing and stylish venue. Infotaining as well as entertaining, this Masterclass serves as a wonderful opportunity to get more in-depth with some of his best moments as well as getting a better understanding of where he came from.

Offering many great practical insights in order to enrich characters, extrapolate back stories, demonstrate diligence on set and constantly remaining in a professional channel, Jackson is a consummate pro. His generous attitude extends into this masterclass, which is empowering, creative and serves the student well through its fly-on-the-wall scene workshops.

Throwing his students in the deep end by mixing things up at the last minute he creates a curious tension. While disruptive this creates an interesting dynamic. The workshops are valuable, even if a bit repetitive in terms of redoing scenes. The students are good enough to capture some of the essence he brought to the characters originally. It may not be perfect, but is still rewarding for those pursuing a career in acting as well as those wanting to get an inside scoop.

Masterclass Review: Samuel L. Jackson on Acting
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