Screenwriting is a fairly lonely exercise in translating your imagination to page. Converting your thoughts into text and visualising the eventual film playing out is one thing. Yet it can be quite difficult to establish tone when everything is just simply ink on a page.

That’s why many screenwriters resort to reading their screenplay out loud, giving them a better idea of how it comes across. Reading out the material to yourself enables you to get a better feel for how it sounds, the natural flow and if the words have a spontaneity when it comes to dialogue. It’s one thing to see the written word, it’s another to hear it.

Judd Apatow speaks of how some screenwriters actually record their entire screenplay and listen to it in the car in order to familiarise themselves with it and make subsequent changes. This is a fantastic idea, enabling audio revision and fine tuning so that it eventually all comes together. While this exercise can be very useful in order to lock thoughts and ideas into place, it can be even more revealing to have your scenes acted out at a table read.

While table reads can be a bit problematic, requiring coordination and some basic casting, offers “radio plays”. Through our network of acting talent we make it possible for you to get a recording in which you can get a feel for the material, how it plays out and a rough idea of whether the scene is working or not.

This valuable information will definitely serve you in the twilight of your screenplay development but will also make it easier for you to get feedback and possibly serves as an advert for your screenplay. Intriguing a prospective screen reader into going further, your “radio play” could plant the seed of curiosity and give them a great yardstick and feel for what you have crafted.

Words on a page can only go so far and offering prospective producers and studios something much meatier will go a long way to securing future projects. Consider hiring to help craft some of your best scenes into something that is marketable. The end product will make it much easier to get feedback or even get your head around if you’re trying to see how it all strings together.

Read Your Screenplays Out Loud
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