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Stephen ‘Spling’ Aspeling has been writing movie reviews for going on almost a decade. Spling started writing a review a day for a year on his blog, After gaining some traction with his online reviews, he approached 2Oceansvibe’s head honcho, Seth Rotherham, and was made the first alternate author on their blog with this film review.

Now over 500 movie reviews and several site authors later, Spling is still reviewing film on a weekly basis for the award-winning and popular entertainment and news hub. Having also served a long stint reviewing on 2Oceansvibe radio station’s morning show with Richard Hardiman (below), Spling has become a seasoned regular and part of the 2Oceansvibe experience.

Spling’s typical review is light on plotting, heavy on pop culture references and insightful in terms of unpacking the good, the bad and the ugly. Rotherham, heralded as founder, had this to say: “Spling’s movie reviews are anyone in the know’s first choice when it comes to movies in South Africa. He tells it like it is…” proudly sponsors the SPL!NG Movie Review, which demonstrates some of Spling’s thought process and unique insights when it comes to film-making. Want to get Spling to give you valuable feedback on your script or first edit? Get in touch with us today. Proudly Sponsors Spling’s Weekly 2Oceansvibe Review
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