Screenwriters are world-building, wordsmiths and idea mechanics who ply their craft to create bold stories. Taking us to the edge of our seat, immersing us in fantasy worlds… they are the unsung heroes. While they’re the ones who inevitably spend years on a screenplay, wrestling with themes, characters, motivations, words and narratives… they generally don’t get the credit.

This can happen in terms of what they sell their screenplay for or the crest of media attention that generally follows a release. “Who’s starring?” and “who directed?” are usually the questions that get flung about… but what about “who wrote it?”.

As behind-the-scenes voices, they generally don’t get the media attention and sometimes that’s just a preference. Spling has been guilty of focusing on the stars and directors, so it’s time to make a change. This is the idea behind the drive to interview film screenwriters.

Very few publications have the time for these important deep dive discussions, which is why Spling wants to start having them on this platform. It’s an opportunity to learn for readers, a chance to expound for writers and about time screenwriters got a bit more of the limelight.

Sure there are household screenwriter names, sure most people can only name about 3 directors… but it’s time to give the creativity, perseverance and incredible commitment of screenwriters a place in the Sun.

We Want to Interview You

Please get in touch with us if you’re a screenwriter who’s looking to discuss your new project. Ideally, we’re looking for screenwriters who have a film project in development, a film ready for release or have an older feature they’d like to discuss in more detail.

Having said that, we’re wanting to support screenwriters at any stage of their project. So you’re welcome to contact us and let’s see how we can get your work and project some more attention!

Screenwriters Assemble!
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