Send us your screenplay, we’re here to help you. From polishing your screenplay to reworking it, we’ve got your back. is where you can get the script assistance you need to give you the best shot at getting your film through the hoops and ultimately made.

Get an insightful review from a professional film critic to help sell your screenplay to potential investors, producers or studios. This insightful undertaking will give you valuable feedback from an independent commentator, which you can use to make critical adjustments or as a marketing tool for your pitch.

Taking quotes from the review to talk up your screenplay will give potential partners more confidence in your product before they’ve even read the script. Knowing what you’ve got to offer, where the strengths are and getting a handle on it are also important. After getting a screenplay review from Spling, you may even pick up some unique selling points you never thought of or possibly enable you to fine tune your story.

These aspects to calibrating and eventually promoting your final product will help give you the edge. Being a screenplay on a desk of thousands, you’ll want to give yourself every foothold you can and what better way than leveraging great feedback from an independent reviewer.

If you’re not quite ready for a screenplay review, why not discuss some of your screenplay concerns with us over a coffee. We can help you get a better semblance of where you’re at or how far you still need to go, whether you’re preparing to write or rounding the corner on the umpteenth rewrite. Drop us an email now and let’s find out how best to help you along the writing journey.

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