We’re here to help you get an objective opinion, invaluable feedback and a good cup of coffee! Writing can be a lonely and difficult journey. That’s why it’s great to know help is just an email away

Having decades of experience between us, we’ve put together a range of unique, practical and out-of-the-box screenwriting services to help you polish your screenplay, project your finished product or steer your storytelling in the right direction.

Review My Script

Spling is able to visualise your screenplay as if it were playing on the silver screen. Gain specialised insights, quotes and projections from Spling’s review. How will your film be received and graded if adapted to film today? Which areas need improvement? Use Spling’s review to identify issues and help sell your screenplay.

$250 per screenplay, up to 120 pages ($2 per page thereafter)

Three Wells Analysis

Matthew’s The Three Wells of Screenwriting book uncovers the Imagination, Memory and External Sources wells. Assessing your film through this lens, we can offer you a specialised in-depth analysis with an overview, findings and recommendations on how to enrich and enliven your screenplay.

While we recommend you read The Three Wells of Screenwriting, the analysis will include a summarised outline of the principles.

$250 per screenplay, up to 120 pages ($2 per page thereafter).

Script Editing

Get assistance with your screenplay via in-line notes, recommendations, consultations or help with characterisation and scene rewrites. Our standard script edit* includes two cover-to-cover read-throughs, in-line comments and 3 pages of suggestions and recommendations.

*$250 per screenplay, up to 120 pages ($2 per page thereafter)

Table Reads

Want to bring your script to life so that you can get a feel for what’s working and what isn’t? Sometimes it helps to hear your script read out loud. We can arrange for professional actors and voice artists to schedule a live table read Skype session where they can bring scenes from your screenplay to life, offer advice on delivery and even ad lib if it helps!

Please ask us for a quote.

“Radio” Play

If you want to get a grip on a scene, it helps to hear it acted out. If a live table read isn’t your style or you want to have playback to review it at your leisure, we can have your scene acted out and recorded for your personal reference.

Please ask us for a quote.


Need to discuss your character’s motivation, a turning point or get some inspiration to overcome writer’s block?

Schedule a Skype call or meeting with us to get over the next hurdle or brainstorm on ways to make your screenplay jump off the page.

By appointment. $50 per hour, $25 for every half hour thereafter.

Script Walks

Walking and talking helps clear the mind. Grab a coffee to go and be inspired by Cape Town or Los Angeles’s sights and sounds and discuss your script challenges with a screenwriting coach, film critic or actor. Breathe in fresh air, get answers for your burning screenplay questions and reinvigorate your creative energy.

By appointment. $40 per hour, $20 for every half hour thereafter.

Interested in taking advantage of one of these great screenwriting services? Please contact us with your specific requirements in order to arrange a quote.