Spling entered the Triggerfish Storylab competition in association with Disney a few years ago with a TV series idea. At that stage, he didn’t have much more than a concept and characters. While the concept was well-received, it was probably too similar to one of their other projects, not progressing any further. Gestating for a few years, Spling decided to tell the story anyway…

Now, essentially writing and publishing a few pages every week, he’s unearthing Rockin’ the Clock… a high concept fantasy adventure about a teenage girl, her ginger cat and her electric guitar on an epic quest to find her father after his mysterious disappearance.

Only five “chapters” in, Rockin’ the Clock is going strong. Spling is writing the story as he imagines it, adding a sensory and visual element to the storytelling to take you there. It’s early days yet, but with a weekly installment it won’t be long before readers are well and truly captivated by Zoe’s adventure.

Join in the fun as this experimental fictional tale grows up. Inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Japanese animation giant, Studio Ghibli, Rockin’ the Clock shaping up to be a funny, heartfelt, magical and unforgettable thrill ride.

Read the story for yourself…

Spling is Rockin’ the Clock with a New Fictional Series
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