Spling’s latest podcast series, Must Love Movies, sees the movie critic invite a guest to join him for a movie screening and 3-course lunch at the luxurious 12 Apostles Hotel near Camps Bay in Cape Town. Beautiful ocean views, a private cinema and the world class Azure restaurant, it’s an enjoyable experience even if you take movies out of the picture.

As the title suggests, a prerequisite for the interview is that the guest loves movies. Grant Hinds grew up on movies, visiting the cinema on Saturday mornings quite ritualistically to soak up the special 2-hour escape that film-going affords. Speaking about which movies have had the greatest impact on him, waxing lyrical about the films that have impressed him and sharing some of his love for Jurassic Park – the YouTube, gaming and tech guru holds a special place in his heart for film.

Full of energy, sporting bright yellow hair and a fan of spoof comedy and animation, Hinds is a great Must Love Movies guest. As part of the interview, Spling garners the guest’s Top 10 Movies, picking one of them to screen. As part of the podcast, Spling gets a bit of background information about his guest, delves into their Top 10 Movies and then uses the screening as a launchpad into nostalgic movie memories and trivia.

Must Love Movies is a wonderful space for guests to reminisce and have the space to really express their love of movies. In this latest Must Love Movies podcast, you’ll get a feel for the series and will hopefully listen back to our first interview with Stefan Enslin.

Spling Releases New ‘Must Love Movies’ Podcast Interview with Grant Hinds
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