Stephen Aspeling, better known as Spling, has been reviewing film for over a decade via print, online, radio and TV. Having hosted a number of special screening events, it seemed like a natural progression for him to turn to online watch parties when people were forced to stay at home.

His first watch party was built around ‘Shazam’ starring Zachary Levi, a goofy but fun DC superhero movie streaming online. His second ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch party is centred on TNT Original thriller, ‘Escape from Pretoria’, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Webber.

‘Escape from Pretoria’ is a gripping prison break thriller, based on the real-life story of political activist Tim Jenkin. Incarcerated in Pretoria Central Prison in 1978 for distributing anti-apartheid propaganda, Jenkin used his ingenuity to craft a brilliant escape plan.

Directed by Francis Annan, this suspenseful thriller is daring, meticulous and entertaining. Exploring the historical context through a visually powerful film, he manages to capture the spirit of Jenkin and his team’s high stakes endeavour.

The African premiere is happening on TNT (DStv channel 137 or GOtv channel 16) at 8pm on Saturday, 4 July. As a TNT Original movie, it’s the first of a slate of original film releases featuring an international cast and landing the first Saturday of every month.

Spling will be hosting a ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch party to coincide with the TNT premiere. Charge your phone, grab some snacks, switch over to TNT Africa and kick your feet up for a great movie night in. Participate from the comfort of your couch by following #BingeingWithSpling, #EscapeFromPretoria and #TNTOriginal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Prizes, movie trivia, live commentary, plenty of banter… it’s a great way to watch a movie and share in the experience together online! So circle Independence Day on your calendar for a celebration of freedom from your living room.

Spling to Host ‘Escape from Pretoria’ Watch Party