Do you remember the first time you watched Jurassic Park? For many people, it brought about awe and some light gawking. Watching essentially living and breathing dinosaurs made a huge impact on audiences when Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park released in 1993. That shockwave is still reverberating through nostalgia, prompting a return to this universe through Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt.

While the latest roller-coaster ride reboot has its place, pandering to modern tastes and the appeal of over-the-top monster b-movies, the original is still the best. One of Spielberg’s most popular films, it helped spawn a generation of dino lovers and perpetuated the idea that paleontologists wear short shorts and T-Rex roared like a lion.

An indelible and indispensable piece of pop culture, it’s regarded as a modern classic and has aged remarkably well since its inception over 25 years ago! Sam Neill recently impressed with Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Laura Dern won an Oscar for Marriage Story and acclaim for Twin Peaks: The Return. Jeff Goldblum is Jeff Goldblum.

From the breathtaking CGI to iconic film moments involving a water cup, Jurassic Park is one sci-fi adventure horror thriller that conjures up fond memories. What better way to watch it than at the drive in?

Spling is hosting the next Bingeing with Spling watch party and movie night festival at the Go Drive In in Cape Town. Others can tune into the online movie night from wherever they are… provided they can watch Jurassic Park. Get your trigger finger ready to hit play at 8pm whether you’re streaming via Showmax or dusting off an old DVD.

Exclusive interviews, a curtain-raiser in Battle at Big Rock, a special performance of the Jurassic Park main theme, prizes, movie trivia, live commentary… it’s a shared movie experience anyone can enjoy from just about anywhere!

Follow the Live Event Tracker for the itinerary and links to each of the night’s features!

Spling to Host Jurassic Park Watch Party
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