The Three Wells of Screenwriting is an inspirational book designed to help screenwriters to overcome “writer’s block”, deepen their writing and open new channels of imagination. By separating writing into Three Wells – external sources, memory and imagination – one is able to discover new perspectives and gain new balance.

Author Matthew Kalil and film critic Spling have made it their mission to discuss the process and breakdown writing elements into these distinct wells through an open discussion with working screenwriters. The Three Wells Podcast is a valuable resource for writers, who will be able to find out what works for authors and screenwriters, where they find inspiration and how they’ve honed their skills.

Exploring where they write, how they overcome “writer’s block” and what methods work best for them to get into gear, it’s a wonderful foray into the world of screenwriting, offering tips, anecdotes and amusing stories to keep you entertained and informed. The first season was recorded at Fine Music Radio studios based at the Artscape in Cape Town.

Take a listen here: Three Wells Podcast – Soundcloud

S1 E1 – Writing Felix (with Shirley Johnston)
S1 E2 – How Deep Does the Well Go? (with Corne van Rooyen)
S1 E3 – Cheese and Crack…ing Us Up (with Greig Cameron)
S1 E4 – Say What? (with Ndumiso Khovana)
S1 E5 – Rubik’s Cubes and Zodiacs (with Sam Wilson)
S1 E6 – Sixguns and Five Fingers for Marseilles (with Sean Drummond)
S1 E7 Instagram Dassies (with Raffaela Delle Donne)
S1 E8 The Script Witch (with Vicki Bawcombe)

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The Three Wells Podcast