We’re hoping to become the first stop for screenwriters who are in the process of getting to grips with their screenplays! Our unique range of services is here to give you guidance, inspiration and the go-forward you need to get your script from the first draft to production and beyond.

The coffee ring is part of our logo… because I love coffee and it’s synonymous with the image of a writer burning the midnight oil with a cuppa coffee in hand.

Matthew, Angelique and I are here to help you whether you’re working on a short or feature film. Each armed with a set of skills that enable you to access different aspects of your script’s personality, we hope that you choose to make reviewmyscript.com part of your writing journey.

As the author of The Three Wells of Screenwriting and blessed with a broad range of film smarts, we’re lucky to have Matthew Kalil on the team. Angelique Pretorius brings her wealth of acting and performance art experience to the picture, having featured in an array of international film and TV productions. While I’m here to offer valuable and constructive insights from an independent film critic’s perspective.


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