There is no one place for authors and screenwriters to craft their stories. From a nook in your home, a minimalist office space or a local coffee shop, it seems there’s any number of places where writers can get into the zone. Some may have a favourite chair, others may need solitude to focus and yet others still may take comfort in being surrounded by nature. There is no correct answer to this question, however there are many considerations when choosing a place to write.

If you’re looking for inspiration, opting to be in a space that is conducive to the environment you’re trying to conjure can be quite useful. If you’re writing about a bustling culture, immersing yourself in the social environment of a coffee shoppe could be just the trick. Whereas, if you’re a writer who enjoys being able to narrow their focus in on the work, this could be too distracting.

It’s a fine balance, creating a comfortable space, which isn’t too comfortable. For some, a quiet space away from home could be the answer to avoid being distracted from their writing by a spouse, children, pets or entertainment centre. The temptation to eject oneself from the writing room can be liberating if you’re able to contain your breaks and yet a nightmare if you’re the kind of person who finds themselves disappearing down the rabbit hole.

While picking a puffy chair could be the answer, there are also considerations to be taken with regard to the angle at which you’re typing and even your back support. Aiming for solutions that give you adequate support, without becoming comfortable enough to drift off into space, make it an interesting challenge. You want there to be a quiet space where you can be with your thoughts yet not so quiet that it becomes eerie. Although, this could work for some and be achieved by using noise-cancelling headphones. Then, you also want to have a space where there is not too much sensory stimulation. Keeping your screens away from you, can help solve the biggest chunk of the problem, yet having multiple stimuli such as a crowded workspace or a view out the window can have the opposite effect.

The secret is to remember a time when you were able to get into the zone and apply the same principles that were at play in that instance. For some, having the religious act of returning to the same spot again and again can be the answer. While for others, a variety of writing spots can make all the difference in terms of motivation and inspiration.

Even if you have one-and-only writing spot, there are ways to coax a different feel from it with lighting and even sound. So it all comes down to what you’re writing, where you need your focus to be and what kind of environment is best for the work you are busy with. It’s good to eliminate distractions, but remember to take regular breaks in order to keep fresh and motivated.

Where do you write?
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