As a screenwriter, the writing process can be quite daunting with many writers feeling alone and uncertain at times. While it helps to join a writing group, have your work reviewed and bounce ideas off family and friends, sometimes it’s best to get a better forecast. This is where our “Radio Plays” help, allowing a screenwriter to get a firmer grasp on scenes, able to hear them acted out in order to get a better feel for what is and isn’t working. offers screenwriters the option to have their screenplays brought to life, turning their scenes into mini dramas. The process involves one or two professional actors lending their voices to your characters in a recording studio, turning what’s on the page into something that lives and breathes. Providing character notes and a clear guideline, our experienced team can help make it a reality.

Some say that if your screenplay can work as a radio production, it’s got legs – just take a look at Tom Hardy in Locke. The service involves the prospective author submitting a scene or even an entire screenplay for “Radio Play” conversion.

Having a clear idea of how it’s going to sound makes it easier for you to rewrite with more purpose, feeling more connected with the characters, who literally have their own voices and it just helps to be able to refer back to a scene for motivation or further analysis. Our services aren’t intended to be broadcast-worthy, but depending on budget it’s the kind of media that could actually help you sell your finished product. Having a sample of your screenplay actualised makes it easier for investors and studios to get behind your project. If you choose a key scene, which extrapolates the rest of your idea, it can serve as a powerful hook. Sound good? Talk to us and let’s see how we can help.

Your “Radio Play” Can Help Your Screenplay Improve or Sell
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