Are you a screenwriter? Have you been wrestling with self-doubt and trying to overcome obstacles that seem to go beyond the page?

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There are countless examples of screenwriters who have persevered through one rejection after another until they reach success. It’s a rite of passage for those who dare take up the arduous profession… the one where people ask you what you do for a living and you hesitant, possibly even sigh before intimating that you are in fact a writer. It’s no secret. Writing is tough. Rejection is tougher.

While no one likes it, it’s an inevitable part of being a screenwriter. The truth is that most face more rejections than acceptances. The trick is to get tough, forge ahead anyway and not take it personally. Easier said than done. Try to se rejection as a normal part of the process. Try to see it as an opportunity for learning… for growth.

Ask for feedback. Sometimes people are wrong. There are famous examples but use the criticism to improve your game. You may be closer to acceptance than you think. Remember to keep submitting your work… it may take several rejections before you get the green light. Stay strong!

The Perceived Lack of Talent

While it’s wonderful that people feel inspired to write a screenplay after watching a few movies that truly speak to them, it’s not as simple as slapping a few words together on a wad of paper. In truth, it’s much trickier than it looks. It’s easy enough to slap something together with the right screenwriting software there to guide your formatting… but it’s an art and one that takes a long time to master.

Even for the seasoned writer, it can be hard to get constructive criticism that shakes the very foundations of your craft. Hearing that you’re not quite getting it right can damage one’s ego and seem like irrepairable damage. Take heart, even top screenwriters have their doubts, struggle with imposter syndrome and need to find the self-motivation to conquer this fear.

The trick is to keep writing. Keep learning. The more you practice, the better you’ll get! Immerse yourself in screenplays. Read the good and the bad. Experiment with words, find your own voice and get other trusted screenwriter friends to chime in.

Conquering Screenwriting Fears: Rejection and the Perceived Lack of Talent
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