Reviewmyscript has been in the business of helping screenwriters get their screenplays and films ready for production. When it comes to drafting your script it’s important to ensure you’re headed in the right direction and are giving your work the best possible chance of reaching its full potential. Part of unlocking this is getting professional assistance in order to navigate obstacles and overcome character or story issues. As much as our company has helped screenwriters and directors get to the next level in their filmmaking quest, it’s not often that we can forge ahead with our own projects.

Having dedicated himself to the art of script consultancy over the last 5 years, Stephen ‘Spling’ Aspeling decided it was time to change that. Aspeling recently crossed off “write a book” on his bucket list after ‘The Essence of Dreams: An Anthology of Film Reviews’ was published last year. When he had the opportunity to visit Barry Ronge’s home of 30 years and meet his partner, Albertus van Dyk, as part of the ‘Remembering Barry’ interview series, it reminded him of another item on that list. Make a movie.

good boy bts

An inspiration for Spling, Barry Ronge was out of the spotlight so long it almost seemed fitting to create a film in the vein of Searching for Sugar Man to find out what had become of the prolific film reviewer. A question that plagued many people’s minds with Google searches to confirm this… the media icon passed away before Spling had the chance to make good on this idea. Yet, the culmination gave the script consultant the impetus to return to the “make a movie” dream.

A few months later and Spling is now dedicated to writing a screenplay for a home invasion psychological thriller. In this process, Spling has been reminded that it takes a village – a notion that has underscored the importance of teamwork. After advising on a short film and a feature film screenplay for director, producer and actress, Charlene Brouwer, the film critic is now on the precipice of a new chapter… crossing the line to be behind the camera as a co-writer and producer.

good boy bts 2

After co-writing and refining a script based on a real-life incident, the short film Good Boy is now in the post-production phase. Set in Cape Town but grappling with universal themes, this quietly powerful and haunting drama centres on themes relating to generational trauma. Shot in Glencairn, the film serves as a co-production between Brouwer Productions, Spling Movies and Into the Light Films with assistance from BrightBurn Studios.

Serving as a first official screenwriting credit, the duo are already gearing up to tackle a number of future film projects from a family-orientated movie to a documentary. Marking an exciting turning point for the movie critic, who has racked up experience across the board as a film critic, it’s going to give Spling a special appreciation and deeper empathy for the artistry of filmmaking. While Aspeling continues to broadcast, evaluate and write, he’s now tasked with taking a more objective standpoint on his own work.

From Reviews to Reels: Movie Critic Makes a Movie
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