Stephen ‘Spling’ Aspeling

Film Critic | Creative Consultant

Stephen 'Spling' Aspeling

Stephen Aspeling or Spling as he has come to be known, has been reviewing film for over a decade. Having started his journey reviewing a film a day for a year on his blog, his film criticism grew organically, moving from writing for online publications, magazines, newspapers and streaming services to broadcasting on radio stations and several TV appearances.

A judge for film schools and several festivals and host of cinema events, Spling has become a resident film critic for a variety of media outlets and an independent authority on film in South Africa. Known for his erudite, insightful and incisive reviews, many filmmakers have come to rely on and trust his opinion. This has led him to advise on films from first draft to first edit, offering valuable feedback that has improved films from loglines to reshoots.

You can listen to his long-running movie review show Talking Movies on Fine Music Radio; read his weekly review on or opinion pieces and features on or |

Matthew Kalil

Author | Screenwriting Coach

Matthew Kalil

Matthew Kalil’s work is marked by a deep understanding and inspired use of narrative, collaboration and subtext to distill sensitive performances and create meaningful cinema.

The author of The Three Wells of Screenwriting has an MA in Screenwriting from the NSFTV in the UK and over 20 years of experience in directing, editing and writing.

His projects and collaborations have been seen in Canada, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Thailand, the United States, United Kingdom, to name a few, and throughout South Africa.

He has taught at various institutions over the last 20 years ranging from New York University, University Of Cape Town, Act Cape Town, The David Lynch Film School and many others.

Angelique Pretorius

Actress | Producer

London-born, South African actress Angelique Pretorius started her acting journey with classical theatre training but shifted her focus from stage to screen to become a producer and prominent actress in TV and film.

While renowned in South Africa, Pretorius is now becoming internationally recognised through her performance opposite Jennifer Hudson in the biopic Winnie Mandela; with recurring roles in Starz series Black Sails and HBO series Strike Back respectively and her role opposite Sir Derek Jacobi in the acclaimed Canadian TV movie Diamonds.

Angelique is currently wrapping up a feature film, which she wrote and produced.