So The Secret Life of Pets is a movie but there’s something about these little furry critters that makes them valuable beyond the point of simply being cute. They actually make excellent companions. Cats and dogs will sometimes interrupt your concentration by calling for a w-a-l-k or sprawling themselves across your keyboard. However, their companionship can improve your life and lead to greater productivity as a writer.

Being a screenwriter can be emotionally taxing, trying to summon up emotions for your characters and employing your imagination to dream up worlds. That kind of mental effort can become draining and exhausting and forcing yourself to constantly write can become monotonous. That’s why its good to have some fur buddies to help you take a break or keep you company while you write.

Not only will they remind you to take time out, but you’ll be forced to get out the house and breath some fresh air in the neighbourhood or back yard. Taking your dog to the park means you’ll be able to observe and even meet people who could inspire new characters or scenarios.

Having a cat around the house means you get the cuddles without having to enter into distraction or discussion. These independent creatures may need their food bowl topped up and a litter tray cleared from time to time, but they’re a lot less demanding than people. Having a friendly presence to bump around the house with also helps you relax, especially if your lap becomes the venue for a cat nap.

Personally, having two official cats and three part-timers scampering about means that you’ll always find a feline reclining or sprawled out waiting for a scratch in our home. One of the permanent residents likes to lie down next to me when I’m writing and serves as a welcome reminder to take it easy. Quietly and patiently waiting for a stroke or attention, it’s easy to reach over and give him a cuddle. Gently stroking them or letting them purr has been known to help folks unwind and has been linked with restorative healing properties such as bone growth.

Pets help writers and screenwriters de-stress, offer fresh inspiration, keep us happy and can even lead to new character ideas. Looking after a creature should be its own reward but these are just some added benefits if you work from home. Having a little somebody to remind you to keep a balance of work and play, who won’t be offended if you close the door to double down makes it that much easier.

Goldfish and parrots probably also have their benefits when it comes to watching them float or flutter but pets that roam freely just seem happier and more responsive.

The Secret Life of a Screenwriter’s Pets
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