Fin Manjoo is the writer-director who brought us Woodwind. His latest film, No Matter, is based on the Marikana massacre in South Africa. Still a contentious matter with links to President Cyril Ramaphosa, 34 protesting miners were shot dead in 2012 when police opened fire. While the lethal use of force sent shock waves around the world, it’s still the subject of documentaries like ‘Miners Shot Down’ and ‘Strike A Rock’.

‘No Matter’ will be the first film to take a more emotional, on-the-ground narrative approach from a central character’s perspective. Having written the screenplay, Manjoo is in the pre-production phase after the pandemic brought the local film industry to a halt.

Fin Manjoo Interview No Matter

Stephen ‘Spling’ Aspeling took the opportunity to discuss Manjoo’s film in this deep dive conversation. Talking about the repercussions of the pandemic, discussing the film and exploring the creative process, this interview covers some of the challenges in bringing this timely story to life. Faced with what looks like a year’s delay, we discuss the current difficulties of the waiting game with relation to the film-making and distribution.

Writer-Director Fin Manjoo on ‘No Matter’, Covid-19 and the Creative Process
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